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 Decades Developing Markets

Since our establishment in Dubai in 2000, MIE Events has focused on the Middle East and African markets. 


We have developed public and private sector partnerships to develop a dedicated B2B exhibition trading platform for these territories.

We have worked with over 100,000 international trading companies to increase their reach across the Middle East & Africa, thereby magnifying the dynamism of these developing markets.

Inclusive Mission

Our Core Mission is working with B2B and B2G and Respective Ministries & Industries in our core Middle East & African Territories:

• To build an interactive trading platform & bridge between Asia, Middle East & Africa 

• To facilitate FDI, travel and communication between these regions 

• To provide outsourcing & consultancy services for Global companies entering the market in these areas & sectors

• To bring the best products from Key Source Markets to the local business communities & industries

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